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Do you want a website that CONSISTENTLY generates leads for your business?

I design websites that work harder to sell your services

Do you know how much money a good website can Earn you?

Building a website is a complicated task, and most small companies don’t have the time to build their own site while also running their business.

But if you have done, you’ll have spent countless hours writing it, uploading photos, wrangling with the controls and constantly tinkering.

If you paid someone else to design it for you, you’ve still invested a substantial amount of time and money.

No matter how you created your site, how frustrating is it when, after all that work, it doesn’t generate you enough leads?

The customers are definitely there. Maybe they looked at your site and chose to go somewhere else? Or maybe they never found your site at all.

For your site to be a success it needs to do many things, all at once. It’s not enough to show beautiful pictures of your work and assume that’s the job done.

But sadly, most small business websites do just that. And they talk about themselves, not what they can do for their customers.

Your website needs to sell

And that’s where I can help you. I design websites that sell – websites that bring in a constant stream of leads.

If yours isn’t doing that, ask yourself how much money you are losing each year because enquiries are going to your rivals instead of you?

Websites That Sell

Is your website working hard, or hardly working?

To sell online, your site needs to be both visually appealing and written to sell – doing sales and marketing together.

In fact, your website should be the hardest-working element of your marketing system, and I can show you how to do that.

When the system works, the leads start to roll in.

iT’s not some magic trick

It’s just making sure that when I work with you to design your website, we put your customers first. We think about what they are thinking about. We talk their language. We show them that you understand their problems and that you are the best people to fix them.

Because people aren’t interested in you. They only pay attention when you talk about them.

And how many small business websites do that? Not nearly enough.

Website design and copywriting for Lush Garden Design

£186,000 of new business in one year from web leads

In May of 2019, I redesigned the website (above) for Lush Garden Design, a small garden design firm in Ashby de la Zouch, Leicestershire. 

As you’d expect for a garden design company, they had loads of fabulous garden photos to work with, so making the site visually appealing was the easy part.

But I worked very hard to get the sales messages correct as well.

    • I re-wrote their case studies to put the clients’ problems first. Now each case study tells the story of how Lush Garden Design was able to solve their customers’ problem.
    • I obtained many long, highly detailed client testimonials, which act as persuasive case studies in their own right.
    • I designed an attractive lead generation giveaway, to help build the email list for their client newsletter.

On top of the design and the messaging, I got the behind-the-scenes technical aspects right:

    • The site loads quickly and flawlessly on mobile.
    • I ensured we used the correct search engine optimisation (SEO) keywords throughout the site, so Lush Garden Design are found easily in searches by their target audience.
    • It’s an image-heavy site, so I used a CDN (content delivery network) to load the pictures lightning fast.

And most importantly, we now encourage customers to get in touch for a consultation at every opportunity.

We know exactly how many people did so, and also how many people joined their mailing list. In its first year, the site brought in over £186k of new work, without having to pay a penny in advertising.

£186,000 – that’s how much a good website could make for your business.


My website design service includes everything you’d expect from a professional web design company – including hosting, design, development and maintenance.

What I do differently is I can also take care of your marketing, copywriting, photo-editing and SEO too. Putting a proven system in place, leaving you to concentrate on converting those leads into sales.

In plain English, I can create you a website that:


    • makes you, and your work, look and sound amazing – to attract the right customers for you.
    • is fully secure and maintained – so you don’t have to worry about it.
    • is easy to find – so you’ll appear higher in search results.
    • is completely scalable and editable – so you can add new content as you go, and
    • is written to generate you new leads, day after day – so you can make more money.

Questions, I have questions…

How does the process work?

To kick things off, we’ll have an in-depth workshop with you to discuss the full scope of your new website, organise the content and create a site map to act as a production route map.

With a site map agreed, I then move to create visuals for all the site’s key pages.

Once the visuals are approved, I’ll begin coding the designs into a functional website.

Once the site is built, but before it goes live, I’ll put your website through my meticulous quality assurance and testing process. After all known bugs are fixed, I’ll launch the website and train you on how to update the site using the content management system (if required).

Optional Services


I can provide an additional copywriting and copy-editing service if you are unable to provide your own copy, or can supply only a basic first draft.

Website maintenance and ongoing SEO

I include 30 days of bug fixes for the live site. Following that time, an ongoing maintenance agreement is optional (and recommended).

There is also the option of ongoing search engine optimisation (SEO).

How much does it cost?

All the sites I design are bespoke, so these are guide prices.

Single-page sites

Prices to design a simple, single-page site, including one year’s hosting, start at £475.

Multi-page sites

Prices for multi-page sites, including a blog and a gallery of project case-studies, including one year’s hosting, start at £750.


E-commerce sites, copywriting, maintenance, and SEO are all priced on application.

Is your website pulling its weight? If not, call today on 01530 588110, or use the form below.


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