Here is what my clients have to say, in their own words.

“I like the way Keith polishes our words and ideas so they are even better than we thought they were. He does this in the nicest way too.”

I was looking for an all-round experienced designer who would be able to help me to move on the marketing materials for my business.

I was concerned that the person wouldn’t have been as experienced as they said they were. That they wouldn’t have the capability to help me to shape my ideas and bring a fresh perspective. That they wouldn’t listen.

I’ve found Keefomatic to be really professional, calm and considerate. Great value for money too. Always willing to pitch in on ideas for different projects. Goes the extra mile when it comes to making sure everything is perfect. I like the way Keith polishes our words and ideas so they are even better than we thought they were. He does this in the nicest way too.

I really appreciate that you can really interpret what I need and time and time again come back with something that more than meets my expectations. I know you’ll challenge my ideas and also build on them to make them better.

I like that you will always do your best to introduce me to people who can help if it’s not a service you provide. I like your honesty and you relate to my business and humour my madness!

I would definitely recommend Keefomatic – for all of the above.

Karen McElroy

Managing Director, FCM PR + Communications

“The final website you produced for me blew me away. It was all I wanted and more.”

I was starting up a new craft business. In my current business, someone else does all the technical website stuff, so I hadn’t a clue where to start.

I’m exceptionally busy and did not have time to research and muddle through learning how to set it up myself – I needed to be up and running as quickly as possible and I wanted minimum hassle so wanted to find someone I trusted to help me.

I knew Keith through a business accountability group I’m in. He offered to help and I was glad to accept.

I had heard several horror stories from friends and acquaintances who paid someone to design a website for them, and were given a beautiful looking site but one that didn’t work to help their business progress and/or one they could not easily edit and add to themselves.

I needed a website I could easily and quickly change and edit and I wanted support while I learned how to do changes myself, so I needed someone I knew and trusted.

You encouraged me to give you examples of other people’s sites I liked and asked me plenty of questions so that you gained a clear understanding of what I wanted.

You gave me a clear price for the work and helped me give you the information you needed to undertake the task. We had some problems with emails going missing or not arriving, which I think was the fault of my email provider, but you were very patient and sent them again where necessary. This prolonged the process a little, but as I did not have a fixed timescale it wasn’t important.

The final website you produced for me blew me away. It was all I wanted and more.

The best bit for me was the set of videos you provided to tell me in detail how to make changes to each page, picture, video and whatever. You understood that I was a technical incompetent and the videos were set at just the right level to give me the confidence to fly! I loved that each one was short and dealt with just one thing – putting them all together would have been overwhelming. They meant I was able to learn how to use my website quickly and easily, one step at a time.

Your requests for information were concise and clear and make it easy for me to give you what you needed. And you checked with me along the way that what you were doing was what I wanted and liked, which I appreciated and you encouraged me to test the site out well before it was finalised.

Would I recommend Keefomatic? Yes, yes, yes!

You took care to produce something that was exactly what I wanted and your patience was admirable. But the very best bit is your delivery service, making sure I had all the information and help I needed to be able to run my website myself. The videos are outstanding and you have given me the confidence to go ahead and develop my crafty business online. Thank you so, so much.

Carol Clark

Crafty Carol's Cards

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“I was happy with the results and hired his services immediately.”

I had an opportunity come up in my own business that required some images enhancing to a tight timescale. I contacted Keith as I had met him through networking, and thought this may be something he could assist me with.

I needed 20 images enhancing to use to market a new property I was opening in my Serviced Accommodation business. Keith said he was able to help with that and asked me to send him one image as a trial. I was happy with the results and hired his services immediately.

I was initially hesitant to use a graphic designer as I was unsure of the going rate for such a service. However, once I had seen the quality of work and inquired about the price for the job, I was pleasantly surprised. A professional job done at a cost-effective rate is something every business wants when employing a service.

I found that Keith was responsive to my business needs and timescales and delivered what he said he would when he said he would.

I liked he delivered a professional product at an affordable price, in a timescale that met my business requirements. It now means I can go ahead and market my business using the images provided by Keefomatic.

I found Keith very approachable and willing to listen to what I wanted. There was no upsell involved, it was just so straightforward and professional.

I would certainly recommend using Keefomatic Design to friends and colleagues, as I will definitely be using him again for other graphic services in the future.

Marcus Chapman

Attain Property Solutions

I recently approached Keith for a last-minute event, where I required two roller banners. I was worried that we weren’t going to be able to get them ready in time, as I had left it to the last minute.

Keith was incredibly quick at responding to us, and he created the designs, sent them to be printed and got the roller banners delivered, in just over a week!

The banners were top quality and exactly what we wanted. I would definitely recommend Keith in the future, and will be using him again!

Lucy Moore

One Roof Financial


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