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Modern marketing can seem hugely complicated. But actually, the process of attracting new clients hasn’t really changed. What’s new is the bewildering array of digital platforms. 

I can guide you through this digital marketing landscape – from creating your marketing plan to carrying it out for you.

Marketing Audits

Is there something missing from your marketing efforts? Are you not getting the results you were hoping for?

I can help you get it right.

Marketing audits are one of my most important services. They are an unglamorous, but essential problem-solving exercise to help you get your marketing back on track.

An audit gets deep down into how you sell yourself as a company. It looks at what you do well, but more importantly, it looks at what you’re missing and what’s not working.

I’ll analyse where you are with your marketing and how you got there, then recommend a plan to move forward, to get to where you want to be.

An audit consists of the following:

  • Market analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Customer research interviews
  • A review of your online and offline marketing activities
  • A review of your website effectiveness
  • A branding review
  • Recommendations and action points

Following a marketing audit, you will be clear about what you need to do next to achieve your objectives.

The road to marketing clarity begins with a conversation – call now on 01530 588 110 to find out more.

Content Marketing

Did you give social media a try, but didn’t see any results? Do you have the time or expertise to create content for your website?

Why should ‘content’ matter to your business? Because the right content attracts your future customers.

It’s a common assumption to think that your customers do things the way you do. But if your customers are mid-to-late thirties or younger, they will have grown up surrounded by the internet, mobile phone apps and 24/7 social media channels.

This group of customers doesn’t behave in the same as their parents’ generation. They don’t read the papers or watch much TV. Whether we, as business owners, like it or not, they do things differently.

So you’ll need to engage with them on their terms, in the places they go to – digital spaces like social media, email, blogs, and YouTube.

At this point, many companies throw up their hands and give up. “We’re not writers or video producers”, they cry!

And that’s where I come in. I have over a decade of experience writing, producing and distributing valuable, engaging content for companies like yourselves.

My services include:

  • Article writing and copy editing for websites and brochures
  • Email newsletters
  • Video production
  • Social media management
  • Pay-per-click social media advertising

I’ll work with you to tell your news and the inspiring transformation stories you create for your customers.

If you need content that keeps people coming back to your website, give me a call on 01530 588 110.

Social Media Management

Do you have the time to manage your company’s online presence?

From devising your social media strategy to creating inspiring posts and monitoring engagement, I can provide you with a complete social media management service.

Need a paid social advertising campaign?

I’ll maximise your advertising budget with highly targeted campaigns on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

Call now on 01530 588 110 to find out more.


Digital Marketing Case Studies

Some examples of our digital marketing results for design companies.

Lead generation giveaways

David Granger Architectural Design needed to reach a younger audience, as their existing customer base was ageing.

To gain insight into their service, I interviewed a number of their existing customers and staff. From that research, I wrote and designed a series of free downloads to include on their website.

In exchange for the downloads, we gathered customer email addresses and their permission for us to send them email newsletters.

Subscribers received one newsletter per month, featuring news articles about various aspects of the business, including new projects, case studies and helpful guides (local planning, for example).

In 15 months, the downloads, and the monthly newsletters, had generated £80,000 of new business, converting 15.7% of subscribers into paying customers.

Generate leads with downloadable PDFs

Leads in a hurry

When coronavirus caused nationwide lockdown in 2020, design businesses lost the ability overnight to visit clients in their homes.

For Ablutions Luxury Bathrooms, this meant they needed a new way of taking client briefs and making bathroom surveys, and they needed it fast.

Once they had devised an online solution, they came to me to sell it. I wrote them a sales page for their website and created a paid Facebook campaign to advertise it.

The campaign generated more leads in five weeks than the company usually received in six months.

My Facebook campaign’s return on investment was over 27,000%.

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