Oscar Wilde famously described a cynic as someone who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.

And when I suggest printed marketing materials to my clients, the first question on their lips is usually ‘how much?’.

Now I’m not suggesting all my clients are cynics!

But I like to emphasise the value a printed piece can bring to their business. And a prime example is the humble desk calendar.

How valuable would it be to your business to have your logo and marketing message on your customer’s desk, visible every day, for over a year?

We all know that people don’t buy when you want them to – they buy when they are ready.

So when they are ready, in three months or six, how valuable would it be to you if your contact info was right there in front of them?

That’s the power of the simple desk calendar.

It keeps your business top of mind when your customer is ready to buy.

If you were to buy the minimum order quantity of a 13-month desk calendar like the one pictured, you’d order ten calendars.

(And even the smallest business can find a use for those.)

Since you will want to know, the price is £129 – designed, printed, and delivered.

That’s less than £1 per month, per customer.

I think that offers incredible value.

And that cost per customer drops even further if you take more than the minimum order quantity.

If desk calendars don’t float your boat, I can also design and supply wall calendars in a range of sizes. You can see what’s available on my calendar leaflet.

And if you’d like to order, give me a call on 01530 588110, or use the contact form below.

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