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I’m Keith Barker, a highly experienced graphic designer & marketing consultant

At Keefomatic I specialise in helping small businesses win higher-value customers. If you need graphic design, advertising, marketing, a new website or any kind of print, I’m here to help you.

Let’s get you selling more stuff!

 Print Design

Graphic Design

I specialise in graphic design for small business. I’ve worked on projects of all sizes – from tiny graphics on baby’s dummies to 250-metre-long branded hoardings for housing developments.

So if you need designs for printed materials, social media, exhibitions or retail point of sale, I can help.

Visiting trade shows or networking events? I can provide you with stand-out business cards, roller banners and brochures.

And if you’re in retail, I can design eye-catching packaging and point of sale material.

With over 30 years of creative design and print buying experience, you can rely on me to design and deliver great-looking work for you.

Logo Design

Logo design & branding

I may be biased, but if you want to look professional, having a well-crafted logo is vital. First impressions count – if your customers are uninspired by your logo, what will they think of you?

I can make sure you create the right impression.

Isn’t branding the same as your logo? No, brand identity design looks not just at your logo and how it is used. It also looks at the design of all your printed and digital assets.

That’s where a designer is important. If your brand is bland, and you look the same as every other company, how are you going to stand out? I can create a memorable, eye-catching brand for your business that leaves your customers in no doubt about your quality.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Social media, email newsletters, pay-per-click advertising – all these activities look deceptively easy to do for yourself.

And if you’re prepared to put in many hours of toil and experimentation across multiple platforms they can be effective.

But they are much more effective if you have a plan. And that’s where I can help. I can create a complete digital marketing strategy for your business, so your messaging reaches the right people, without costing you a fortune.

Once you have a plan in place, I can manage your social media accounts for you. I can run your pay-per-click ad campaigns and write your blogs and email newsletters. I’ll give you back your time and help you sell more stuff.

Web Design

Web Design

Do you want a website that delivers a consistent stream of leads for your business?

For your website to be a success, it needs to do many things, all at once. It isn’t enough to show beautiful pictures of your products or services and assume that’s the job done.

Sadly, most business company websites do just that. And they talk about themselves, not what they can do for their customers.

So here’s what I can do for you. I can make you look good online. But more than that, I can help you get found on Google, and I can create a site that delivers you that consistent stream of leads.

With over 25 years of web design experience (including ten years using WordPress), my aim is always to help you stand out and acquire high-quality leads.

What is Keefomatic?

Keefomatic Marketing & Design is a design and marketing company set up by me, Keith Barker, in 2015.

After 25 years working in advertising and design (which included eight years as the co-owner of a garden design company), I decided to set up on my own. Keefomatic was born, with a plan to work with small business owners to help them grow.

In our first five years, I built up a thriving agency with a broad range of clients. They included engineers, management consultants, utility companies, a PR firm – I’ve even had a cartoonist, a hypnotherapist and a TV cameraman.

I also specialise in the homes and gardens sector – with garden designers, architects and landscaping companies all on the books.

Keith Barker

20 Ways to Stand Out Using Print

Here’s a fact most businesses ignore: If you do what everyone else does, you can’t possibly beat them.

When most people market their small businesses, they do what everyone else does – they head straight for Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube – because it’s free.

But the big downside to ‘free’ digital marketing is getting noticed. Everyone and their dog has a Facebook page these days. Making yourself heard amongst the noise is becoming almost impossible.

So why not do something different? It’s your ideal chance to stand out.

Something that’s tried and tested, but few businesses do these days.

Market your business using print.

Introducing my FREE email series – 20 Ways to Stand Out Using Print.

There are tips and ideas here for you to use as if they’re your own. Take them, adapt them, steal them.

You can cut through the noise with something unusual and do better than most of your competitors, who are still chasing likes and followers.

None of these tips is expensive to use. They’re simply the result of 30 years of print marketing experience, condensed into 20 short, daily emails.

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What our clients say about Keefomatic

“We would certainly recommend Keefomatic Design.”

Not only do you provide a good service which produces results. You run a friendly professional business offering great advice and ideas whilst listening to your client, and you come up with fresh initiatives on a regular basis.


Director, David Granger Architectural Design Ltd

“Our experience was excellent, with prompt replies to emails and concerns.”

I have total confidence that you will do a good job and if I have any problems I know I can come to you!

I have not had that with previous website designers!


Manager, J&J Products

“Keefomatic is responsible for creating my brand.”

Actually, Keith’s created it three times over the years. It’s fair to say Keith is my marketing department. As a designer, he understands how to sell design services, which is perfect for me.


Founder & Creative Director, Lush Garden Design

“Really impressed with your marketing audit report, thank you.”

So refreshing to understand what needs to be employed to stand out. I am looking forward to moving forward on this.


Managing Director, McKay Landscapes


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